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Małopolska is the leader in terms of GDP growth per capita in Poland

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marek Martynowicz | 2018-01-30 08:31:46
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Małopolska in the first place in terms of GDP growth per capita among all Polish voivodships in 2012-2016 and in second place in terms of GDP growth in 2016.

According to preliminary estimates of the Central Statistical Office, in 2012-2014, GDP per capita in Małopolska increased compared to the average GDP per capita for Poland by almost 7%. This is the best result among all voivodships. The second place was taken by Wielkopolska with an increase of 4%. At the same time, Małopolska is the second province after Wielkopolska in terms of GDP growth in 2016 with a result of 4.3%.

There is still large variation in GDP in Poland, in particular in terms of GDP per capita. In 2016, Poland's GDP (current prices) increased by 3.3% compared to 2015. The growths above the national average were recorded by 8 voivodships, especially in Pomerania, Malopolska and Wielkopolska. For many years, the highest GDP in Poland has remained at the level of PLN 412.4 billion, with the share in the national GDP at the level of 22.2%, however, it has Mazowsze. Mazovia also has the highest GDP per capita - 77 thousand. PLN (2016), which is almost 160% of the average for Poland. For comparison, Małopolska's GDP in 2016 amounted to PLN 148.2 billion (share in the national GDP of 8%), while GDP per capita in Małopolska amounted to PLN 4,3897 (90.8% of the average for Poland).