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Foreigners in Poland and Małopolska Region

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marek Martynowicz | 2018-02-08 11:30:31
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More and more foreigners in Poland. Małopolska among the regions most willingly chosen by them

202 thousand foreigners applied for residence permits in Poland in 2017. 192 thousand people applied for a residence permit foreigners from third countries (from outside the EU). The residence also registered 10,000 people from European Union countries. Most, around 62 percent. All applications were submitted by citizens of Ukraine. Most often, foreigners come to Poland in connection with the desire to take up a job.

Since 2014, the number of foreigners applying for residence permits in Poland has been steadily increasing. Time migrations predominate - 88% last year. applications related to temporary residence permits (up to 3 years), 10% permanent residence, and 2 percent. residence of a long-term EU resident. Almost 65 percent. All applications were submitted by people aged 20-39.

Most often in Poland wanted to live in the citizens of Ukraine, who submitted 125 thousand. applications - by 30 percent. more than in 2016. Belarusian (9.5 thousand), Hindus (8 thousand), Vietnamese (6.4 thousand) and Chinese (6 thousand) most often applied for residence permits. The growing interest in the legalization of stay is noticeable especially among citizens of Belarus and India, who have filed 98 and 95 percent respectively. more applications than in 2016.

In the case of citizens of EU Member States in 2017, 10,000 registered their stay in Poland. foreigners. The most common were Germany (2.3 thousand), Italians (1.1 thousand), Bulgarians (0.8 thousand) and citizens of Romania and the United Kingdom (0.7 thousand each).

Decisions on the legalization of stay of foreigners are issued by voivodship offices. In 2017, the largest number of applications were received by: Mazowiecki Voivodship Office (62.6 thousand), Lower Silesian Voivodship Office (20 thousand), Małopolska Voivodship Office (18.3 thousand) and Wielkopolska Voivodship Office (17.5 thousand) . The residence permit received 118.5 thousand. foreigners (85% of all decisions). In the case of 14,000 negative decisions were issued (10%) and 6,000 cases were discontinued (5%).

Foreigners who want to settle and legalize their stay in Poland (for a longer period than the visa allows) voivodship offices issue documents confirming their right to stay in the country. Most often it is a residence card or documents issued to citizens of the European Union and their families. Important documents entitling to stay in Poland currently has approx. 325 thousand. foreigners.


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