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Another tourist record of the Małopolska region

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Jerzy Fugas | 2018-02-13 14:14:36
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Małopolska ended the year 2017 with a very good tourism result. As many as 15.9 million people visited the region, which is exactly 1 million more than a year ago. In total, they left nearly PLN 13.5 billion in the region. Such information is given in the latest report from a survey of tourist traffic in Małopolska.

The number of visitors to Małopolska has been growing steadily since 2009. Not without reason - our region is a place of exceptional tourist, cultural and historical value, where you can spend your free time in an interesting and active way.

The number of visitors to Małopolska increased in 2017 by 7.1% compared to 2016, when in Krakow, Pope Franciszek met with young pilgrims from all over the world.

Out of almost 16 million people who visited Małopolska in 2017, as many as 12.3 million people are those who stayed in the region for at least one night - in this case the increase amounted to 6.7%. For local entrepreneurs - tourists leave more and more money in our region, spending them for accommodation, tickets to Malopolska attractions or simply shopping. In total, last year the expenses of visitors to Małopolska reached almost PLN 13.5 billion, and the amount increased by 3.6%, with visitors from Poland spending as much as PLN 8.8 billion and people from abroad PLN 4.7 billion. However, analyzing the average expenditure per person, foreign visitors spend more - last year it was on average PLN 1,400 in relation to "domestic" PLN 766.

Last year, people from 57 countries came to Małopolska. Among foreign visitors, four representatives of the United Kingdom (17.1%), Germany (13.3%), Italy (7.1%) and France (6.8%) continue to dominate. For the latter two countries, the number of visitors has been growing since 2014. The ranking is followed by Spain (5%), the Netherlands (4.4%), Ukraine (4%) and Ireland (3.9%).

It is worth noting that a visit to Małopolska is largely the aim of relatively young people - almost 74% of visitors are under 45 years of age. The average age is also lower for foreign visitors than for domestic visitors - almost 53% of visitors from other countries are under 35.

When asked about the most attractive places in our region, the visitors most often pointed to the capital of Małopolska - Krakow. In the second place, the Tatra Mountains capital - Zakopane was mentioned. In the lead were also Małopolska mountains, the salt mine in Wieliczka, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Krynica-Zdrój.

Also for people from outside Poland, a key attraction of the region is Kraków, which is a destination for every ninth foreign visitor. Zakopane ranks second and Wieliczka third. For years, these places have consistently been among the most popular attractions in the region.

Another reason for the satisfaction of all Małopolska residents is also the positive impressions of the visitors' stay in our region. This is confirmed by data: almost 99% of people who visited the region last year would recommend their relatives to stay in Małopolska. On the other hand, more than 97% want to visit the region again.