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Already 203 culinary specialties from Małopolska on the list of traditional products

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Jerzy Fugas | 2018-03-02 09:21:05
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So far 203 Małopolska culinary specialties have been included in the list of traditional products, maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Małopolska is also a leader in terms of the number of regional products protected by EU certificates.

Among the last entries on the list are such culinary products as: plums with spicy foating from Wolica, honeydew honey from the Beskid Wyspowy, wine made of apples and rose petals from Wolica or silage yards from the commune of Uście Gorlickie.

Małopolska is one of the leading regions in Poland in terms of the number of unique products manufactured in a given area. 203 products on the ministerial list give the region the second place; more traditional products has only Podkarpacie - 222.

It is worth noting that Małopolska is the national leader in terms of the number of regional products that have been awarded with the Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication certificates in the EU. 12 out of 40 registered Polish products come from Maopolska.

It is the Bryndza podhalańska from Małopolska that was the first Polish product to receive an EU certificate. A further 11 products were later registered. The "Protected Designation of Origin" certificate has been awarded: Bryndza podhalańska, oscypek, redykołka (a type of sheep's milk cheese), karp zatorski,"Piękny Jaś"beans, and Protected Geographical Indication - łąckie apples, suska sechlońska plum (sub-dried and smoked plum with pip), Prądnicki bread, obwarzanek krakowski, lisiecka sauasage, podhalańska lamb.

Małopolska, as the first region in Poland, focused on promoting the region through regional products and disseminating its culinary heritage. This is supported by, among others Malopolska Taste Festival with tastings and presentations of local delicacies, organized annually in the most important localities of the region. Last year, "Małopolska to eat" was also published - a cookbook with selected recipes from all over the region.