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Aluminum clips for sausage casings

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Osoba kontaktowa
Albin Sieczkowski
Tel: 0048690023008

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Opis przedmiotu zamówienia

ZEMAR is a producer of aluminum clips that are used in the food industry, especially cold meat, but also in chemical industry.

Our company exists since 1991. The experience gained and constant development over the years have resulted in our products being of high quality.

Our employees are a well-coordinated team with many years of experience in our company. The products manufactured by us meet all the highest national and European standards.

The clips produced by us are used in the best machines of Polish and foreign producers.

We approach each customer and the orders individually, with extraordinary care for the smallest details.

High quality of our clips, short deadlines and competitive prices are the main, one of many arguments for the fact that cooperation with our company simply pays off.

We offer:

clips for Technopack, Tipper Tay in straps:

clips for Poly Clip in straps:

clips for Czech clippers:

Call and ask for the details of the offer.

If Your company would be interested, we could send some samples to check our quality.

All our aluminum clips have the necessary food certificate, which proves their high quality.

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Aluminum clips for sausage casings


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